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 Battle Dome Rules

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PostSubject: Battle Dome Rules   Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:05 pm

Battle Dome Rules

1. All rules will be followed if one wishes to participate in the Battle Dome
2. Only Administrators reserve the right to ban someone from the Battle Dome
3. Hacked Pokemon are NOT allowed
4. First Offense = Temporary Ban from Battle Dome
5. Second Offense = Administrator Board of Review
6. Third Offense = Permanent Ban from Battle Dome
7. Definition of Battle Dome Ban
8. If you defeat a Gym Leader, Frontier Brain, Elite Four member, or the Champion, you are not permitted to attach the displays of achievement (badges, symbols, trophies, etc) in your signature by your own accord. When you have triumphed, alert an Administrator and they will deal with it. They will send you a new updated picture which you can put into your signature.

Rules will be added as needed. Thank you

Contact an Administrator for questions.
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Battle Dome Rules
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