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 Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!

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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:00 pm

Silver started walking towards the PokeCenter. He knew Soul had gone to the sauna, but decided that maybe she had gone back to the PokeCenter. He arrived at the door of the PokeCenter and looked up the door and walls and windows of the PokeCenter. His eyes then rose to the sky and he stared at it for a minute. He then looked back towards the door. He saw all of the trainers in there. Some were petting their Pokemon, some were receiving Pokeballs from Chansey, while others were talking to Nurse Joys.

"I need to do something about my battling style. Gold just destroyed Damian and Damian can beat me. What does that mean Gold can do to me?! What if he tries to steal my Pokemon or someone else's, like he did to Professor Elm. I need to be stronger so I can defend people." Silver thought to himself.

He then turned around and saw a billboard with a lot of notices and a map of Johto. He walked over. There were some posters that advertised herbal medicine shops and haircutting shops for Pokemon. But then another poster caught his attention. It read:

Violet City, home of the flying master and Gym Leader Falkner! All who prove themselves will receive the Zephyr Badge! It is a great start for a Pokemon Trainer who is training themselves for the Johto Silver Conference!

"Huh...what is the Johto Silver Conference?" said Silver to himself.

"Aw come on Silver, you don't know what the Johto Silver Conference is!?" said someone right next to Silver.

Silver jumped and looked to his left. Soul was standing there, staring at the same poster.

"Oh, uh, hey Soul. What is it?"

"It is where trainers all over the world gather to compete for the title of League Champion. From there, you can battle the region's Elite Four and eventually the region's Champion. However, they are the best of the best, very powerful trainers." said Soul, turning to Silver.

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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:02 am

"Oh, really? Who is in the Elite Four and who is the Champion??"

"Well, first there is Will, and he is an expert at Psychic Pokemon. There is also Koga, the Poisonous Ninja Master. As you might tell from his name, he is excellent with Poison-types. Bruno, who favors fighting Pokemon, is also in the Johto Elite Four. The final Elite Four member is Karen, the master of Dark-type Pokemon. Then, to top it all off, is the Champion of Johto, Lance. He is a master of Dragon Pokemon." said Soul. Her eyes were gleaming at the mention of each trainer. "They are all super amazing Pokemon trainers. None have beaten them in recent memory, they are superb!!"

"Wow, have you ever seen them battle Soul?"

"Well, yah. Since whoever becomes the Johto champion gets to battle them, I have seen it a few times. The Johto League championships are held once every year. Although, no one has managed to beat any of the Elite Four, or even the Champion, for that matter. How have you never heard of this Silver?"

"I dunno....I don't watch TV much...." replied Silver.

"Well, still, you had to heard of it before. You probably just don't remember. Well, anyways, do you wanna go to Violet City?" asked Soul.

"Yah, I do actually, how did you know?"

"Eh, it was just a feeling. I think we should head out after lunch. That way we will have the opportunity to see a lot of different kind of Pokemon, because we will see them in the middle of the day, hopefully nighttime, and maybe in the morning!!"

"Haha, alright Soul, sounds perfect to me. How was the sauna?"

"It was fantastic!! It was ssoooo relaxing! You should have gone. How was the gym?"

"Well....Damian was there."

"Really?! Did you battle him?"

"Nope...Gold did..."

"Wait what? Who is Gold?"

"He is that guy who stole Prof. Elm's Chikorita."

"Wait wait Silver. Why didn't you alert the police?!"

"There is nothing they can do really Soul, he is gone already. And the Pokemon is bound to Gold, there is nothing they can really do, it has been too long. And there is no real proof that he stole the Pokemon. It was just gone when Prof. Elm tried to find it and Gold happened to have it."

"Hmm...still....anyways, how did the battle go?"

"Gold completely squashed Damian. He beat all of his Pokemon with relative ease without losing a single Pokemon of his own. He had a Bayleef, a gold Charmeleon, a Croagunk...and....a Duskull."

"What is a Croagunk and Duskull?"

"Well, they are not from Johto, apparently. Or atleast they are very very rare here. Duskull is a Ghost-type. Croagunk is some type of purple frog Pokemon. I don't know his typing though. They are all really strong."

"And he beat Damian without losing a single one of his own? Wow, that is amazing. He is strong...that is scary..."

"Yah....it is. But next time I see him, he will have me to answer to." said Silver, bringing his hand up infront of his hand in a fist. His face was determined.

"Silver sure seems different" Soul though to herself.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:37 am

" So, we are going to Violet city right? " Soul asked.

" Yes, so lets see where we are... " Silver replied. He pulled out his PokeGear and checked its map. " We are right here, so... There is a trail from IronTree to route 30- "

" Perfect, we could just take that rather than going around the way we came. " Soul interrupted.

" Hold on, it says in the description of the path that is mostly uphill... "

" Is that what your worried about? Come on, a small hike wont hurt you. "

" Fine... "

With that, they went inside the PokeCenter and had lunch. Silver pulled out a couple of PB&J sandwiches for them, and he poured some Pokemon food into bowls for each of their pokemon. After they had lunch, they set off to the northern part of IronTree village where they gate to the trail was. There were more trees then houses in this part of the village. They then saw a gate, somewhat smaller then the one at the entrance, but still large. They were getting close to the gate, but then two people jumped out from a tree near them. They looked like they were in there late teens, and they wore black suits with a large R on the front of their shirts. One was a tallish boy with short, black hair, the other was a girl that was a bit taller and skinnier and had long yellow hair. They immediately walked to the gate and stood in the way of Silver and Soul.

" Hello there. " Said the boy. " If you want to get past this gate then it will cost you 100 PokeDollars. "

" Wait, what? " Silver said in a confused tone.

" You heard me. " He replied. " 100 PokeDollars in cash. "

" And who are you two? " Soul questioned.

" What? Dont you recognize us? We are Tea- " The boy started to say, but was slapped by the girl.

" What he means is we are the Toll officers of this place. " She said

" You two dont seem like toll officers. " Soul said with a puzzled expression.

" Well we are! " The boy exclaimed. " So you can either hand over 100 bucks, or you cant pass through. "

" Seriously? 100 Pokedollars is a lot of money for passing through a ga- "

" Look, do you guys want to pass or not?! "

Silver and the boy were getting into an argument, both Soul and the girl just watched. Spearow, who was sitting on top of Souls head at the time, was losing patience. It suddenly flew up and repeatedly pecked the boy on the head.

" Spearow! Bad boy! " Soul said, running over to get spearow, who was now clawing at his head. " Come here you. "

" Ooowww... Why you! " The boy said, he then gabbed a pokeball from his belt, but then was slapped again by the girl.

" Ok, this is getting nowhere. " She said. " You can pass for 25 PokeDollars. "

" Well thats better bu- " Silver started.

" Why thank you. Ill pay 15 and you pay 10 Ok Silver? " Soul interrupted.

Silver sighed. " Fine... "

Then he pulled out 10 PokeDollars and gave them to Soul.

" Here you go. " She said, and gave the two teens the money. " Sorry about my spearow. "

They the passed through the gate, Silver was very irritated though.

" Why did you let them have the money Soul? " He questioned

" Cause we needed to pay them to get through. " She replied.

" But they werent toll officers! "

" And what makes you think that? "

" Well... They just seemed suspicious, I mean, they didnt look or act like toll officers. In fact I could have sworn I saw that red R somewhere else... "

" Well whatever, we are through now so lets just head to route 30 ok? "

" Alright... "
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:37 pm

Silver and Soul had been walking through the forest for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. They were not exactly sure of their route, so they took windy roads and dirt paths. They had met a few trainers whom they greeted. Soul saw a Pidgey which she tried to catch, but to no success. Eventually, Silver thought he saw a clearing up ahead.

"Soul, do you think Route 30 is up there?" asked Silver

"Maybe...let's go check!" said Soul

They both ran towards the opening to the clearing, which was quite noticeable from all the sunlight streaming into the dense forest. Then they bursted out of the clearing. They rubbed their eyes from the bright light and then looked around.

"Wow, look at this!"

Infront of them was an immense field that stretched for an unknown amount of length both north and south. The landscape was covered in tall grasses and trees dotted the ground. There also seemed to be a lake across from where they were. In addition, flocks of bird Pokemon were seen flying high in the sky, as well as cries and calls from other Pokemon on the ground.

"How cool is this place!" exclaimed Soul

"It is pretty cool" replied Silver with a grin. He was thinking about all of the Pokemon he could probably catch here on Route 30, as well as the fact that Violet City must not be too far away.

"I think we should go to the lake, Silver. I bet there are a bunch of Pokemon, and it is probably a lot cooler." said Soul

"Yah, I agree, it is quite hot out here..." said Silver

They walked straight towards the lake. It didn't seem too far, but they decided to sprint towards it anyways. They eventually reached the lake. It was shining from the sunlight, although there were parts of it shaded from the number of trees surrounding it. It smelled nice in this part of Route 30, probably because of the pure water.

"I wonder what Pokemon live here" said Silver

"As do I" said Soul

Just as Soul said this, Silver spotted some rustling in some nearby reeds to his left. He turned his head and saw a red bug-like Pokemon come out of them. The Pokemon was about 60 feet away from them. It waddled over to the water and started sipping water from the lake.

"What Pokemon is that?" said Silver, as he took out his PokeDex. He turned it on and pointed it towards the Pokemon.

"Ledyba, the Five Star Pokemon, is a Bug and Flying type Pokemon. It is the pre-evolved form of Ledian. Usually three feet tall, these Pokemon are important pollinators of many different types of flowering plants. They excrete a fluid from where the legs meet the body in order to communicate."

"Sweet, a Bug Pokemon! I am going to catch it!" said Silver

"Waait, I wanna try Silver" said Soul

"Noo, it is mine!!" yelled Silver. He grabbed a Pokeball from his belt and ran towards the Ledyba. The Ledyba looked up and let out a cry as it saw Silver running towards it. It started to move away and it seemed to be starting to get its wings ready to fly away.

"No you don't, go Totodile!!"

Totodile flew out of its Pokeball.

"Tota, tota, Totodile!!" it chattered.

"Quick Totodile, use Water Gun!!"

Totodile took its aim and let loose a stream of water at Ledyba. It hit it sqaure in its back. It fell over, but didn't seem defeated. It turned around and moved its hands in an odd pattern. A box of glowing light surrounded Ledyba and dissapeared.

Silver's eyes seemed puzzled. "What was that?" said Silver

"That must have been Light Screen" said Soul. "It reduces the damage from special type attacks, such as Water Gun. It won't be doing much damage now"

"Hmm...okay then Totodile, charge it and use Bite!"

Totodile ran at Ledyba with it's mouth opened wide. Totodile was about 1 foot infront of Ledyba before it moved to it's right and landed 5 hard punches to Totodile's side. Totodile smashed into the ground a few feet away from Ledyba.

"Uuuuhmm...okay...and what was that?"

"Probably Comet Punch" said Soul matter-of-factly.

"How do you know all these things??"

"Watching the Johto League Championships helps" said Soul with a smile

"Grrr....okay..hmm...what should I do.." said Silver to himself.

Before Silver could react, Ledyba started flapping its wings. Blue circles flew towards Totodile and hit it straight in the face. Totodile didn't seem to be hurt from it, but Totodile did start swaying side-to-side and it's eyes seemed glossed over.

"Don't ask, that was Supersonic. Now Totodile is confused." said Soul

"Aaah...come on Totodile!!" yelled Silver. "You can do it!!"

Ledyba started wobbling over to Totodile.

"You better do something, or else it will land some really hard hits on Totodile!"

"Aaaah, come on Totodile!!!" yelled Silver

Then, Totodile stopped moving and it blinked it's eyes.

"Haha, yesss! You're back Totodile!! Aah, quickly, dodge!!"

Totodile jumped out of Ledyba's way. Ledyba smashed the air 5 times where Totodile was. However, it lost it's balance and landed on it's face.

"Now's the time Totodile, Bite!"

Totodile ran and jumped on Ledyba's back. It then bit down on Ledyba's head. Ledyba cried and stood up, trying to shake Totodile off.

"Chomp down harder Totodile!! Hang on!!"

Totodile growled as it bit harder. Then, Ledyba's eyes went glossy and fell over. Totodile jumped off.

"Alright Totodile!! Great work!" yelled Silver. He then took out an empty Pokeball and threw it at the fainted Ledyba.

The ball hit Ledyba and sucked it into itself. It wiggled once....twice....three times.....ding!!

"Alright, I caught a Ledyba!!" exclaimed Silver. He jumped in the air and punched it at the same time. Totodile also jumped in the air onto Silver's shoulder.

Even though Soul wanted the Ledyba, she was still happy for Silver. She started clapping and smiling.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:43 am

" That was great Silver! " Soul complemented.

" Thank you Soul. So this is my fourth pokemon. " He said, staring at the pokeball.

" Ok, so according to the map... Violet city is very far away. From where we are, I would say it would be more than a day before we get there. "

" So we are going to have to set up camp later on, right? "

" Yep. "

" Ok, so lets get going. "

" Get going? Why cant we set up camp here? "

" Well I think its a bit to early to set up camp, if we go now the we can get to Violet city sooner. "

" Oh come on. Haven't you heard of the saying, stop and smell the roses? "

" This is coming from the same person that said we should skip going to the gym a second time. "

" Thats because I thought we should have gone to the sauna! "

" Well we could have gone there AFTER we went to the gym, but then you decided to go without me! "

Their argument went on for a few more minutes, Soul brought up how beautiful the lake was, and Silver said that he would like to get to violet city as soon as possible. Eventually, Soul won the argument because Silver surrendered hesitantly. They went and searched for a good camping space, and decided to set up under a large tree near the lake. Silver sat against the tree trunk, when something fell on his head.

" Ouch! Soul, did you throw something at me? " Silver asked.

" No. Why, did something hit your head? " She replied.

" Yes, If you didn't do it then... " Silver said as he searched the area around him.

He soon picked up a green, acorn looking thing that was about the size of his hand.

" Oh, its an apricorn. And a big one at that, no wonder it fell out of the tree. " He stated. Then another one fell right next to him.

" Haha. " Soul laughed. " Lets not camp right under the tree. "

" You've got that right... "

* I think I could coin a phrase like this. Apricorned. lol
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:39 pm

After about 25 minutes, they had managed to set up camp. They had a fire pit ready to be lit for the nighttime and 2 tents ready to be slept in. There also was a canopy for sitting under. The Pokemon were playing by the water as Soul and Silver were chatting about the past few day's events and their future plans. Then Soul noticed something.

"Hey Silver, how long has Ledyba been over there?"

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"Ledyba has been sitting off about 20 feet from the others in that patch of reeds. It is just sitting there by itself."

"Hmmm....I will go check it out"

Silver sat up and walked over to Ledyba. He sat down next to Ledyba. Ledyba didn't agnowledge his appearance.

"Hey Ledyba, wat's up?" questioned Silver

Ledyba remained silent. It's left foot kept moving the reeds around, as if it was trying to pre-occupy itself.

"Hey Ledyba, is everything okay?"

Ledyba still remained quiet. Then, Silver heard some rustling from off it's left. Ledyba's antennaes twitched. Silver looked to his left and his eyes widened. Several other Ledyba heads were sticking out from the reeds, looking directly at Silver and Ledyba. Ledyba stood up and walked over to them.

"I wonder what those Ledyba are doing here" Silver thought

It seemed like the other Ledyba were talking to Silver's Ledyba. He could not figure out what was going on though.

All of a sudden, one of the Ledyba flew out of the reeds and tackled Silver's Ledyba. Silver's Ledyba flew back a few feet into the ground. It got up, but before it could fully recovery, the same Ledyba tackled Silver's again.

"Aaaah!! Hey, stop it!!" yelled Silver. He ran toward's his Ledyba, but several of the other Ledyba grabbed and jumped on Silver, forcing him to the ground.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:47 am

"Ledyba, Soul, anyone...Help!" Silver cried out.

Silver's Ledyba got up slowly from the tackle and shot a supersonic attack right at the wild Ledyba.

The wild Ledyba dodged the attack and unleashed a barrage of punches at Silver's Ledyba.

Silver watched in horror as his Ledyba took the full force of the attack.

Oh...there's nothing I can do with all these Ledyba on top of me...wait a minute...Silver thought...

"Ledyba use supersonic on the Ledyba pinning me!" Silver shouted.

Silver's Ledyba immediately did what it was told and sound shot out of it's wings. The wild Ledyba were now crashing into each-other. Several started to attack the Ledyba that had started this.

"Good job Ledyba! You did it!" Silver said, heaping praise on his Ledyba.

Slowly the leader of the wild Ledyba started to fly straight towards Silver. At the last second Silver's Ledyba came in-between the wild Ledyba and Silver and took the blow. Silver's Ledyba was knocked out of the air and came to a crash several feet away in a pile of reeds.

"NO, Ledyba!!" Silver shouted out as he rushed toward his Ledyba.

Suddenly all the wild Ledyba started to rush at Silver. Silver ducked out of the way and rolled into the pile of reeds where his Ledyba had crashed. He wasn't feeling so great any more. Some sort of darkness was taking over. He was seeing stars in the daytime.

"Ledyba help..." he whispered.

Again the wild Ledyba came, this time towards Silver's injured Ledyba. Without thinking for himself Silver crawled over Ledyba to protect him. Ledyba seeing this great act of kindness started to glow until it was enveloped in a blinding white light. The wild Ledyba stopped attacking and watched stunned. When the light faded Silver saw that his Ledyba had evolved into a Ledian!

"Oh my....You evolved because of me?" Silver asked and Ledian nodded.

I know we can take advantage of this! Silver shouted inwardly.

"Ledian attack with a comet punch attack!" Silver shouted.

Ledian quickly engaged all the Ledyba in battle and beat one of them after another. Finally, when Ledian took out their leader the whole swarm flew away frightened.

What could have cause the Ledyba to attack us? Silver thought.
"Thank you Ledyba...I mean Ledian..." Silver said before he passed out.

"Sil-Silve-Silver?!" Are you okay?" Soul shouted worried.

"Huh? Wha-what happened?" Silver asked. He was sitting in their tent on a sleeping bag.

"You were attacked by some Ledyba! Don't you remember?" Soul asked.

Then it all came rushing back to Silver. Getting attack by the Ledyba and his Ledyba evolving and saving him.
But he couldn't remember anything else after that.

Soul was still talking, "-and I was busy trying to find sroomish-" Soul sobbed, "And then i heard you yell and my pokemon and I....w-we came running as fast as we could Silver, but when we got there you were.....just lying there with Ledian guarding you."

"Oh... and where is Ledian now...and-" , but Silver didn't ask the biggest question of all...Why was he attacked.

*so what did u 2 think?? i tried my hardest and i hope it's okay.
i'm srry if it's not what u wanted, but please don't delete it.

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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:45 am

"Ledian is outside. He is sitting in that apricorn tree, surveying the landscape. I think he is still guarding you" said Soul

"Oh really? Cool..." said Silver. He then drifted into his own thoughts.

Soul stood up and walked outside of the tent. He heard her sit on something and talk to whatever Pokemon were still outside. Silver sat up and rubbed his head and ruffled his hair. However, he could still not get the thought out of his mind.

"Why in the world did those Ledyba attack us? That was so....weird...."

Silver stood up and got out of the tent. All of the Pokemon were out of their Pokeballs. They were playing or sitting on the ground or just resting.

"Soul, how did my Pokemon get out?"

"Oh, well, I let them out after I found you. You were a bit heavy for me, so I had Totodile, Vaporeon, and Beedrill help move you. Then I decided to just leave them out to play and such."
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Sat Jul 31, 2010 8:22 pm

Silver went over and sat down on a log. He then looked around at his Pokemon. Totodile, Beedrill, Vaporeon, and Ledian.

"Hey Soul, do you wanna train with me?"

"Sure Silver. For your gym battle I am guessing?"

"Yup. I want to see what my Pokemon can do."

"Alright. Shroomish, Spearow, Cyndaquil, come on over!!"

The Pokemon hurried over to Soul and stood by her.

"Hey Beedrill, Totodile, Ledian, Vaporeon, are you guys ready for battle??"

They all sprinted over to Silver. They all seemed ready to battle, especially Ledian.

"Alright Silver, who will you start with? I am going to start with Spearow"

"Hmmm......hey Ledian, do you want to start it off?" asked Silver

Ledian flew infront of Silver a few feet.

"Haha, alright then, I guess you are!" laughed Silver

"Okay, ready Silver? Cause we are!" yelled Soul. "Spearow, use Peck!"

"Dodge it Ledian!" yelled Silver

Spearow flew in straight at Ledian, but Ledian was able to move out of the way just in time.

"Awesome, stay close, use Comet Punch!" yelled Silver

Ledian opened his wings and flew at Spearow. Spearow wasn't able to react quick enough and was hit by a barrage of punches. Spearow plummeted to the ground.

"Come on Spearow, you can do it!"

Spearow stood up and turned around. It seemed to have taken some damage, but was not down n' out.

"Awesome, use Peck again Spearow!" shouted Soul

"Just dodge it again Ledian!"

"Haha, use Wing Attack now!" laughed Soul

"Aaaah, what?!" cried Silver

Ledian managed to dodge the peck attack, but right at that moment, Spearow opened it's wings and slammed them into Ledian in the neck. Ledian had been closelined. Ledian slammed into the ground as Spearow stood on top of Ledian.

"Use a barrage of pecks Spearow!"

"Aah, Ledian!"

Silver stood there with his mind in shock as Spearow stood on top of Ledian while it pecked Ledian over and over. Ledian was doing it's best to protect itself.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:44 am

Suddenly Ledian couldn't stand it anymore and fainted..

"Aaaah! Return Ledain! You did a good job buddy!" a discouraged Silver mumbled.

H-h-how did see do that?!? She hasn't been training more than me? She couldn't have just done that! Silver thought to himself.

"You were lucky that time Soul! But you won't be so lucky twice." ,Silver said, "Alright, go Vaporeon!"

Vaporeon shot out in a flash of light and landed swiftly on a rock.

"Good job Spearow!" Soul said while jumping up and down in joy. "Silver I bet I'm gonna win!" She said.

"Not a chance!"

"Spearow try a fury attack!"

Spearow did as it was commanded and rushed at Vaporeon with blinding speed. It quickly flew behind it and pecked and clawed at poor Vaporeon. Vaporeon didn't have a chance and dropped of it's rock onto it's front paw. It yelped as painfully tried to limp away

"Great Spearow! You can do it!"

"Oh Vaporeon are you alright?" Silver asked.

Vaporeon answered with a frightened bark, but it didn't sound so good.

Man, Soul's getting good, I'll have to end this quick or I might lose! Silver thought to himself.

"Come on Spearow! Use fury attack again!" Soul shouted.

Silver then had a breakthrough. Wait a minute! Spearow isn't as defensive when he's attacking! He thought.

"Vaporeon hold your ground!" Silver shouted.

Come on, come one...Stay there.....wait for it! Silver thought.

Vaporeon and Soul both stared at Silver, but didn't say anything. Vaporeon seemed to get the idea but Silver couldn't tell.

"Let's finish this Spearow!" Soul shouted excited, but confused.

Spearow shot out at Vaporeon as fast as it could. It didn't even think about stopping it just attacked. Right as Spearow was about to start pecking Silver yelled....

"Now Vaporeon use aurora beam!"

"No!! Spearow try and dodge it!"

But it was too late! Spearow ws going to fast and Vaporeon was too close. Vaporeon used aurora beam at point blank range and Spearow flew backwards towards a thick tree. It made a final caw before crumpling against the trunk.

"Good job Spearow, you deserve a rest!" Soul said as she returned Spearow to it's pokeball.

"You were amazing Vaporeon! I couldn't have done it without you! Return Vaporeon!" a much relieved Silver shouted.

"Wow Silver that was a smart trick, but i still have two more pokemon."

"That's right Soul." Silver whispered.

Only two more pokemon to beat! I, No we can do it!

Soul picked her pokeball and threw it into the air.

"Go Cyndaquil!"

"Quil, Quil!!" Cyndaquil said while shooting off a jet of yellow flame

"Hmm......You chose Cyndaquil so i choose........Totodile!" Silver said.

This time I'll have a type advantage! Silver thought.

"To...To...Totodile!" It said as it was released from it's pokeball.

Silver's Totodile did a little dance while it waited for a command. Cyndaquil was still happily shooting off jets of flame.
Soul was still wondering how she'd been so careless and Silver was plain old bored! Razz

"Come on Soul it's your move!" He complained.

"oh...right! Silly me, I was just thinking about how I let my guard down! It won't happen again!" Soul said.

"Just attack already it's your move!" He complained again.

"Alright, alright Silver!" Soul sighed, "Cyndaquil use smokescreen attack!"

And suddenly the whole field was covered in a thick blinding smoke! Now Silver and his Totodile couldn't see a thing!

"Good job Cyndaquil now use ember attack!"

A large amount of flame shot towards where Totodile was standing.

Totodile where are you? Oh I have an idea! Silver thought.

While Silver had been thinking the flame had been getting closer and closer until Totodile was engulfed in it entirely. The flame had almost completely burn off all the smoke though and Cyndaquil's c6ver was b36wn
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:04 am

"Oh okay, I guess I don't need to do anything about the smoke" Silver thought to himself

Totodile was standing slightly hunched over, while Cyndaquil was sitting in the same spot it had been called from. Silver realized he had to act fast before Totodile fainted.

"Hey Totodile, use Water Gun!" yelled Silver

"Dodge it Cyndaquil!" replied Soul

Totodile launched a Water Gun attack at Cyndaquil, but Cyndaquil dodged it with relative ease.

"Dang, Cyndaquil is pretty fast, but Cyndaquil can't dodge them forever!" though Silver

"Totodile, keep up with those Water Guns! Don't let up!"

Totodile complied and kept releasing streams of water at Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil kept jumping and running around, attempting to dodge the Water Guns. However, it was getting progressively more tired.

"Just keep dodging them Cyndaquil, you are too fast for Totodile!!" shouted Soul.

"Okay, run at Cyndaquil, Totodile!" yelled Silver.

Totodile started running towards Cyndaquil.

"Stop it Cyndaquil, Ember!"

"Nope, block it with Water Gun Totodile!"

Cyndaquil launched flames at Totodile, but Totodile's Water Gun managed to douse most of the flames and even hit Cyndaquil square in the face.

"Aaah, Cyndaquil!!"

Totodile was about half a foot away from Cyndaquil.

"Quick, use Scratch Totodile!!"

Totodile jumped forward and scratched Cyndaquil several times with it's claws. Cyndaquil was pushed back a bit as it cried out in pain.

"Tackle Cyndaquil!"

"Bite Totodile!!"

Cyndaquil jumped into Totodile, hitting it square in the stomach. But then Totodile grabbed onto Cyndaquil's head and held on. Cyndaquil couldn't seem to shake Totodile off.

"Now, Water Gun!"

"Nooooo, get out of there Cyndaquil!!" yelled Soul frantically

Totodile opened it's mouth for a split second as it shot it's Water Gun attack straight at Cyndaquil's head. It pushed Totodile into the air and Totodile started falling down.

"Use your momentum, Tacke attack!"

Totodile landed onto Cyndaquil's back. Cyndaquil let out a cry before it collapsed. It had fainted.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:23 am

" Uh-oh... " Soul said. " Cyndaquil return! "

" Heh, this next bit is gonna be easy. Are you ready to give up soul? "

" Hey, dont count your torchics before they hatch! Ive still got one more pokemon. Go shroomish! "

Shroomish walked out of the light that came from the pokeball, then started to hop around in place.

Silver snickered. " Ok then, totodile, return! Your turn, beedrill! "

" Hey, you cant do that! Its unfair! "

" Unfair? What do you mean unfair? "

" I mean your using one of your strongest pokemon against shroomish, I dont exactly call that fair. "

" But its not UNfair! I think you just dont like it that your losing. "

" What? I am NOT! "

" Whatever... "

" Grrr... Shroomish, Stun Spore! "

Shroomish completely ignored the command. Rather, it continued to run around the spot where it was, blissfully unaware of the things going on around it.

" Heh, Beedrill, Pin missile! "

" Wha- No! Shroomish, Dodge it! "

Shroomish still ignored Souls command, but it did turn around just in time to see beedrill blast it with Pin Missile, and it bounced from the spot and fell over, obviously knocked out.

" Shroomish?... Return... "

* Well dont I make the greatest conversations? lol Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:44 am

"Woohoo! All right Beedrill!!" yelled Silver estatically.

He rushed over to Beedrill and they embraced eachother. Soul stood on the opposite end, slightly sad from losing, but also happy for Silver.

"That was really great, thanks a lot Soul! I really think I am ready for the Violet City gym!!"

"Haha, no problem Silver! Do you really think you are ready though?"

"Well...yea...why not?" questioned Silver with a puzzled look on his face

"Well you see, the Gym Leader at Violet City is named Falkner. He is a flying type specialist. And I am not sure if you forgot, but you kinda got rocked by my Spearow, and I am not even specialized in flying types."

"Oooh...yea...true..." said Silver, looking to the ground.

"Hey, it's okay though Silver. I got an idea, let's see how much you know about flying types! That way we will know how much more you need to learn in order to be fully prepared!" said Soul with a grin on her face.

"Okay, awesome! Well...how are we to start?"

"Well, let's go over the flying type's effectiveness. What do you know about it?"

"Uuuhmm...flying...hmmm....well I know that electric type attacks hurt flying types quite a bit. And I also know that flying type moves work really well against bug types. Is that all?"

"Well, you are right, but there are quite a bit more. Type effectiveness can get a bit tricky, but if I remember correctly, flying types moves work well against bug types, fighting types, and grass types. However, they do not work real well on rock, electric, or steel types. Flying types can take damage quite well from bug, fighting and grass type attacks, but they get hit real hard from electric, ice, and rock attacks."

"Uuh..what?" said Silver

"Aah, you are acting as if you were not paying attention!! Hold on, I am going to write this down." said Soul with a deterred look on her face.

She walked towards the tent. She emerged in a short amount of the time from the tent with a pad of paper and a pen. She sat down on the log stump by the fire and starting writing something. Silver wandered over to her and sat on the neighboring log stump. Just when he sat down, Soul spoke.

"All done, here you go! I labeled all of the different type effectivenesses. Although I added that ground types do not work on flying types at all if they are flying. I had forgotten to say that before."

Silver took the piece of paper and looked at the chart. Now that it was in a chart, it seemed easier to understand.

"Hmm...okay, I think I am understanding it more, thanks a lot Soul! And really, ground attacks don't work on flying types in the air? That is cool...but come to think of it, I suppose that is kinda obvious...haha" Silver said
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:36 pm

"Haha, yup! But remember, all of this is really just in theory. Just because a flying Pokemon is put against an electric Pokemon does not mean that the electric one will always win. That is where strategy and such come into play."

"Hmm....yea, I understand. This is really cool though. Now there is no way that I can lose!!" yelled triumphantly

"Hold on Silver, there is a lot more to flying types than just their type effectiveness. I think we should go over some different kind of flying pokemon."

"Oh okay. Well, there is Pidgey and it's evolutionary tree. There is also Spearow and it's evolution. Hmm...oh, there is Hoothoot and Noctowl. Well, I guess that is all I can think of right now." said Silver

"Pretty good! Let me see how many I can get. Well, I just thought of Gold's Charmeleon, and it can evolve into Charizard, which has flying characteristics. Uhmm...your Beedrill and Ledian are also part flying. And I am quite sure that Zubat and it's evolutions are flying as well." said Soul with her eyes aimed at the sky, trying to think.

"Haha, sweeet, we got quite a few down. Do you think the Gym Leader will have any of those Pokemon?" questioned Silver

"I'd imagine the Gym Leader could possibly have any part flying Pokemon. This is going to be such a cool battle Silver, I can't wait!!"

"Neither can I...and I can't wait to beat him either!!" said Silver with an air of confidence as he stood up and stuck his fist into the air.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:11 am

Silver then looked into the sky. It was getting dark he realized. Just as he said that, Soul spoke.

"Hey Silver, I think we should head to bed now....it's kinda late"

"Yah....it is....but I kinda wanna go search for some Pokemon." said Silver

"Oh..yea. You will probably find different kind of Pokemon at night. What kind were you thinking of finding though?"

"I really have no idea, haha. I was just going to look for any Pokemon." said Silver grinning

"Hmmm, alrighty then. I will come with though, it is dangerous at night." said Soul, standing up.

They both took off into the darkness, away from their tent and the small fire.

"Wait!!" said Soul all of a sudden, before they had even reached 30 feet past their campsite.

"What?" said Silver quizzically.

"The fire, it is still going! We have to put it out before we leave"

"Oh yea, true. Okay, let's hurry back"

They both ran back to their campsite. Silver immediately called out Vaporeon and Totodile and commanded them both to use Water Gun on the fire. Soul had called Spearow out and commanded it to sweep dirt into the fire. Within moments the fire was out and cold.

"Awesome, let's go back out! I wanna catch something!!" said Silver excitedly

"Okay, I am right behind ya!" said Soul

They recalled their Pokemon and turned around, running into the darkness.

After a few minutes, they slowed down to a stroll. They were looking around, but they were not having much luck. Every once awhile they heard the hoot of a Hoothoot or Noctowl, but they could never locate where the sound came.

"Man...we are having no luck..." said Soul

"Seriously...ugh...I almost feel liking quitting now. It's kinda chilly out here as well."

"Yah...it sure iss..." Soul responded. Her teeth were slightly chattering.

They continued walking and looking around.

"Do you think I should get Cyndaquil out? Maybe he can warm us up a bit" questioned Soul

"Yah! That'd be a good idea!" said Silver

Soul reached to her side to pull out her Pokeball, but suddenly Silver stopped her.

"Wait Soul, look up there!" said Silver, pointing down the path.

Soul followed his finger to where he was pointing. It seemed that there was a torch or something up ahead.

"Hey, you're right! Maybe we should get it before it catches something else on fire??" said Soul, laughing slightly. "We can also use it for warmth!"

They walked towards the torch-like object. They were drawing closer and closer to it. However, it seemed like less of a torch the closer they got to it. Eventually, they were nearly 40 feet away from it before Soul noticed something. Soul stopped walking.

"Silver, that just looks like a flame. I don't see anything attached to it!"

"Woah, you're right! That is weird...." said Silver. He took a few steps further before he was stopped by an eery noise.

Loud growling, yelping, and howling echoed from all around them. The noises seemed to be coming from every direction. The moment the noises had started, the flame had dissapeared.

"Aaah, Silver, Silver, what is that noise?!?"

"I, I, I, I don't know!!" said Silver while looking around frantically.

Suddenly, the bushes surrounding the path started rustling. Soul and Silver turned their backs to eachother and stared intently at the bushes. Bodies started emerging from the bushes. They seemed to be Pokemon. Some of them look to be about 2 feet tall. Even in the darkness, Silver was able to notice that their bodies were mostly black, but had red muzzles and white bone-like stripes on their back. They had four legs and a very small tail. They also seemed to have very slick fur. However, they were not the only ones. There were some smaller Pokemon that had a similar body structure, but were about half the size of the others. In addition, they did not have red muzzles, white stripes, nor did they have slick fur. Instead, their bodies were mostly black and gray with fluffier fur. Silver fumbled for his Pokedex and pointed it at the striped black Pokemon.

"Houndour, the Dark Pokemon. A dual typing Pokemon of Dark and Fire, Houndour often hunt in packs in order to take down prey. They use howls and barks to coordinate their attacks." stated the Pokedex.

Silver started sweating. He then pointed it at the smaller Pokemon.

"No available information."

"Aaaah, why does this Pokedex not know about half of the Pokemon that I meet!!"

"I don't know Silver, but get your Pokemon out!! I heard your Pokedex say that some of these are part fire, so get your Pokemon out and get ready to defend ourselves! Totodile and Vaporeon should have an advantage here, but there are so many it will be hard to really tell!!"

"Arrg, okay!! Totodile, Ledian, Beedrill, Vaporeon, come out for battle!!" said Silver loudly.

"You too Cyndaquil, Spearow, and Shroomish!!" cried Soul frantically.

Totodile popped out of it's Pokeball. It started to do a dance, but quickly noticed the numerous amount of Pokemon. It also sensed Silver's uneasiness. Totodile quickly lowered itself slightly into a battle stance, ready for battle. Beedrill flew above Silver's head and buzzed loudly. Ledian quickly flew to Silver's right side, which had the most amount of the canine Pokemon. Vaporeon walked around and sat down. However, Vaporeon eyes were flicking around, looking at each Pokemon.

Soul's Pokemon flew out of their Pokeballs. Cyndaquil immediately flared the fire on it's back and moved closely infront of Soul. Spearow flew up in the air above Soul's head, just like Beedrill had done. However, Shroomish wandered around Soul's feet, still painfully unaware of the seriousness of the situation.

"Should we attack first, Soul?" asked Silver quietly

Soul opened her mouth to answer, but the canine Pokemon answered for her. Two of the Houndour on Silver's right side lunged at him. Without even issuing a command, Ledian quickly flew at one of them with a Comet Punch and landed a punch square in it's stomach. The Houndour cried out in pain. The other Houndour landed on the ground behind Ledian and jumped on it's back. It's mouth then filled with fire and bit down on Ledian. Ledian cried out in pain as it tumbled onto it's stomach. The Houndour on Ledian's back quickly barked and one more Houndour and one of the mysterious Pokemon jumped towards Ledian, mouth's open, teeth bared.

"Aaaaah!! Ledian!!! Noo!! Totodile, Water Gun that Houndour on top of Ledian!! Beedrill, String Shot one of the Pokemon runnin towards us!!!" Silver yelled quickly and frantically.

Totodile turned around and let loose a stream of Water Gun. It hit the Houndour ontop of Ledian straight into the side and it flew into the air a few feet. It hit the ground with a thud as the other two canines rushed towards Ledian, jumping over the fallen Houndour. Beedrill quickly let loose a string of sticky webs at the mysterious Pokemon. It fell over in a bundle of sticky webbing. The still standing Houndour stopped running and reared it's head back.

"Uuuhh, I think that is Ember...! Ledian, Light Screen!!" yelled Silver

Ledian got on all fours and glowed pink for a split second, as a shimmering box appeared around it. A stream of fire shot from the Houndour's mouth and hit the Light Screen that Ledian made. However, not much fire managed to penetrate the defensive maneuver.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:25 am

"Awesome! Okay, Cyndaquil, use Ember on that Houndour!" cried Soul

Cyndaquil ran around to Silver's side and let loose a stream of fire at that Houndour. The fire flew towards the Houndour. It made contact with Houndour, however, the moment it hit Houndour's skin, it enveloped the Pokemon's skin and then seemed to be absorbed into it's flesh. Then Houndour glowed a faint red color for a split second and then the color faded. The Houndour then growled.

"Uh...what just happened Soul?" asked Silver

"I really have no idea...." responded Soul

Right when Soul finished her response, the Houndour opened it's mouth readying for another Ember attack.

"Quick Ledian, Light Screen us all!" yelled Silver

Ledian quickly flew to Silver's side, raised it's arms, and glowed pink. The same shimmering box surrounded Silver, Soul, and their Pokemon. Houndour let loose flame from it's mouth. It seemed to be more powerful this time as the fire hit the screen. Instead of stopping there, a large majority of the flame ripped through the shield and flew towards the group.

"Aaaah!!" yelled Silver and Soul as they jumped to dodge the flame.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:17 pm

" Vaporeon, Water gun on that houndour! " Silver said. " And beedrill, Pin mi- Arrrgh!! "

Silver looked down to see that one of the other canine pokemon had chomped on his leg. He tried to shake it off, but it just bit down harder when he did so. But then totodile jumped onto the pokemon, and knocked it of Silvers leg. They then rolled around biting at each other until totodile hopped off of the pokemon and blasted it with water gun at point-blank range. This knocked it back a couple of feet before it fell to the ground fainted.

" Good job totodile! " Silver said.

" Come on Silver, pay attention! " Soul exclaimed.

" Alright. Vaporeon, aurora beam, over there, now! "

" Silver, how much longer do you think we can keep this up? Our pokemon look tired... "

" I dont know... I think our best chance is to find a way to run away. "

" Hmm... what if we use a distraction? Cyndaquil, tackle that one! "

" Like what? "

" I dont know! Help me think of something! "

But then suddenly, another howling noise sounded out. This one was deeper and longer then the other ones heard earlier, and the attacking pokemon stopped when they heard it. They then started to back off a little from Silver and Soul.

" Hey Soul, their backing off, maybe this is our chance to bolt... Soul? " Silver said as he turned around.

Soul was motionless and staring at a bush about 15 feet away from them. Silver looked at it as well, and then saw what made Soul stop. Yet another dog looking pokemon was standing behind the bush, this one looked like a large version of a houndour, but it had horns on the back of its head. It jumped out from behind the bush and growled at them. Silver took out his pokedex again and pointed it at the pokemon.

" Houndoom, a dark/ fire type pokemon, and the evolved form of houndour. If hit by flames form a houndoom, the pain of the resulting burn will not go away. "

" Well thats nice to hear. " Soul said. "

" Yeah... So what now? "

" I think its time to resort to plan B. "

" And that is? "

" Running away. "

The houndoom started to build up flames in its mouth.

" Like right now! " Soul exclaimed.

They both bolted, followed by their pokemon ( Except for shroomish who was carried by Soul ). Silver just barley got out of the way of the stream of flames coming out of the pokemons mouth. They all got about 15 feet away from the pack of pokemon before they started chasing them. They were able to get about 20 feet of space between them and the houndour, but the houndoom was catching up. Suddenly, the houndour and mystery pokemon started barking wildly, and their barking was getting quieter as if it was getting farther away. Silver could tell that the houndoom had stopped chasing them, because he didn't hear its growling anymore. After running a bit farther, he turned his head and found that he was right, the pokemon had turned around, and was running toward the barking of the other canines. He stopped and looked in the direction of the commotion, he could faintly hear some other noises, but it was to dark to see what was happening.

" Silver, lets go before they start chasing us again! " Soul said while pulling on Silvers arm.

" Alright. " He replied.

When they finally got back to their campsite, they realized how tired they all were. Silver and Soul called their pokemon back into their pokeballs, then went inside their tents to get ready to sleep.

* Hmm... I wonder why the houndoom stopped chasing them.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:30 am

"What on earth was that all about?!" exclaimed Soul

"I really have no idea.....they just ditched chasing us. It was really weird...." said Silver while pondering the recent series of events.

"Yeah....well, I am just glad that we got away. I think we should go to bed though Silver, since we probably should try and finish our trip to Violet City. You gotta win your badge soon!" said Soul with a smile.

"Yah, you're right. Well, good night Soul" said Silver, lying back.

"You too Silver!" said Soul, climbing out of the tent and going to her own.

Silver was lying in his sleeping bag, still pondering the night's events.

"Siillveerrr, wake up!!!!" yelled a voice.

Silver sat up groggily from his sleeping bag. Rubbing his eyes, he tried to distinguish the source of the voice.

"Silver, all of us already had breakfast. Everything except your stuff is packed up, so hurry up so we can get a move on!!"

"Ugh...she sounds like my mother..." groaned Silver, realizing that it was Soul.

He clambered out of his sleeping bag and changed into some clothes that would be suitable for hiking in the outdoors. He also rolled up his few possessions, such as dirty clothes and a flashlight, into his sleeping bag. He then tied it up and walked outside. Soul, her Pokemon, and Silver's Pokemon were all outside relaxing.

"Hey Soul, how did Vaporeon, Totodile, Beedrill and Ledian get out here?!"

"Uuuhh, I let them out?" laughed Soul

"That's not funny. You aren't allowed to touch my Pokeballs anymore." said Silver. Silver recalled each of his Pokemon afterwards.

"Aaw, but I was sure they were hungry!"

"It doesn't matter, they are my Pokemon, not yours."

"Fine, whatever. Alright, hurry up with your tent, I am ready to get going"

"Alright, one second"

Silver walked over to his tent and started to take out the stakes which secured the tent to the ground. He then wrapped up the tent and stuffed it in his bag.

"Alright, I'm ready!!" said Silver, turning around. Soul was ready as well, with her backpack already on.

"Awesome, let's get going!!" said Soul excitedly, jumping once and then turning around.

"Why are you so excited??" questioned Silver, jogging to her to catch up.

"Well, I don't really know. But it is probably because I have never been to Violet City. I suppose I'm excited to visit a new city!"

"Yeah...that's true. Since you put it that way, I am kindave excited also. But I can't wait for my gym battle even more!!" said Silver, bringing his hand up to a fist.

They walked for nearly two hours, discussing random topics, such as what they would do when they got to Violet City. They had seen several Pokemon, but most of them were flying too high or were too far away to attempt to catch quickly. They were in a hurry to get to Violet City.

"I think I am going to let Beedrill out of it's Pokeball while we walk" said Silver

"Good idea Silver!" replied Soul

"Come out Beedrill!" said Silver, releasing Beedrill from it's Pokeball. Beedrill flew out and up into the sky a few feet. It then came back down and hovered above Silver's head. Silver smiled at Beedrill's happiness and they continued on their hike to Violet City.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:46 am

So Silver and Soul continued to walk to Violet city. Beedrill was flying above Silver, and shroomish was marching behind Soul. They met several trainers on their way, and some wanted to battle. They also had lunch with another one that was passing by. Other then that, their walk was quite peaceful. Eventually, Soul spotted a large tower in the near distance, and Silver commented that it must be in Violet city and that they should be close to it. From there on, they ran toward the city ( Silver was having trouble keeping up with Soul again ). After 15 minutes Soul and Silver reach a wide brick path that lead into the city. When they entered the city, Soul was amazed and Silver was impressed. It looked a bit older then Silver had imagined it, but he still liked it.

" Wow, Sil! Is this place awesome or what? " Soul exclaimed.

" Yeah, its very neat. " Silver replied.

" Neat? Thats a bit of an understatement if you ask me! " Soul said enthusiastically.

Silver thought Soul was getting a bit over excited.

" Alright, alright. So, I guess we should find a PokeCenter, then we can go and see the gym right? " Soul said.

" Oh, yeah. " Silver said as he pulled out his PokeGear. " Lets see... There should be one close to here. "

" Alright lets go. "

They headed towards the PokeCenter, and they got a better look of the city. The buildings and houses were painted in old fashioned colors. Soul pointed out the large tower that she spotted, and that they should go and check it out the next day. Silver could have sworn it flexed a bit when he saw it. They soon reached the PokeCenter, which had a purple roof rather then the usual orange roof, Silver found this a bit odd. When they and their pokemon were a bit more rested, they set off for the gym. On their way there, they spotted a trainers school, and close to it was a lake. Silver looked ahead, and there was another tower very close to them, it was not as big or as old as the other one they saw. Silver said that it must be the gym, and he and Soul ran to it.

" Wow, thats the biggest gym I have ever seen. " Silver exclaimed. " Well, not like I have seen any big gyms or anything. But still... "

They entered, and saw an area that had some trainers and their pokemon in it. Then Silver looked up, and saw another floor, very high off the ground. But he did not see any way to get to it. Then Silver watched a trainer walk up on a large wooden panel, and to Silvers surprise, it rose off the ground and stopped at the second floor. Then came back down when the trainer got off of it.

" Wait, are we going to go on that? " Soul asked.

" It looks like the only way up, so yeah. " Silver replied. " Why? You sound a bit worried. "

" Oh, um.. No, I am not worried at all. Er... Lets go. "

They both walked up to the large wooden platform, and it rose up with a large jerk, to which Soul let out a small yelp. When it got to the top, they both stepped off, but Soul was sticking close to Silver.

" Um, Soul whats wrong? "

" Im telling you, its nothing! " Soul exclaimed. " Now lets just find the gym leader. "

Silver looked around, there were people training their flying pokemon, and some were even riding around on the backs of the pokemon. There were two or three section where the floor was made out of thick glass that. Soon Silver found the battle field, on one side was a man in a blue costume, Silver immediately assumed that he was the gym leader. He looked to the other side to see who he was fighting. To Silvers surprise, it was none other than Damian! On the gym leaders side, was a large metallic bird, and on Damian's side was his electabuzz. Silver and Soul walked to the side of the field and sat down next to some other trainers who were watching the fight. Silver got the attention of the one sitting closest to him.

" Um, hello there. So, who is this person in the blue outfit? " He asked.

" Huh? You dont know him? He is Falkner, the leader of this gym! " The trainer replied, somewhat pestered.

" Oh yeah, Falkner. "

" Yeah, That guy hes battling with wiped the floor with my buddies and I. But he doesnt seem to be doing so well with Falkner. "

" He isnt? "

" Nope, In fact, this is his last pokemon. "

Silver turned his head to the battle field and watched intently.

" Alright, Electabuzz, Thundershock, now! " Damian commanded.

" Skarmory, sandstorm! " Falkner yelled.

Electabuzz charged up electricity, before letting it out in a bright thunderbolt towards skarmory. But skarmory started to spin around rapidly, which made the sand from the floor of the field spin around it in a vortex. The vortex of sand acted as a shield, and neutralized the thundershock attack on contact.

" Skarmory, use steel wing! " Falkner said.

" Ah! Electabuzz, dodge it quick! "

But it was too late, by the time electabuzz had a chance to attack, the steel bird had already slammed it with its wings. Electabuzz fell to the ground, fainted.

" Wha?!...Electabuzz, return. " Damian said in a frustrated tone.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:22 am

"Return Electabuzz" said Damian, holding out his Pokeball.

"Wow, what an interesting way to counter electric based attacks!" exclaimed Soul.

"Yeah, well Falkner isn't the Gym Leader for nothing..." said the trainer, slightly irritably. "He has countless ways to counter Ice, Rock, and Electric based attacks, all of which have an advantage over flying types."

"Huh...." said Silver softly to himself.

"Damian, that was a great battle, it was truly fun. However, you need to realize and improve upon the connection that should exist between you and your Pokemon. Although it seems that you have raised them well, improving that bond will allow you to connect to the battle more effectively"

Damian looked up from his Pokeball at Falkner.

"Thanks, I will think upon that" said Damian. He then turned around to look at the trainers sitting on the ground. He then noticed Silver and smirked.

"Hey, what's so funny Damian?!" yelled Silver, standing up.

Damian smirked even more.

"Well, I assume you are here to challenge Falkner, right? I find it funny that you will lose. And quite badly at that."

"Oh yah??" retorted Silver. Silver then ran straight towards Falkner.

Falkner stood on the other end of the battlefield, watching Silver run towards him. Falkner was a bit taller than Silver. He also seemed a bit older. A guess of 18 or 19 would not have been a bad estimation. Silver then reached Falkner.

"Falkner, I challenge you to a battle!" exclaimed Silver

Falkner smiled, but in a different fashion than Damian.

"I like your enthusiasm, but I am afraid that my Pokemon need some time to rest. However, I will be available to battle tomorrow if you'd like?" questioned Falkner.

"Oh..okay...yeah that's fine" said Silver slightly dejected, turning around.

"Wait, what is your name? You know me, but I do not know you" said Falkner.

"Oh, I'm Silver. I am from New Bark Town" responded Silver, turning around.

"It is very nice to meet you Silver" said Falkner, sticking out a hand. Silver took it and they shook hands.

Silver then turned around and jogged towards Soul. He reached her and looked towards where Damian was standing. However, he was not there anymore.

"He went down the platform when you started running towards Falkner" said Soul, knowing what Silver was thinking.

"Oh...hmm..." said Silver, looking towards the sky. Then his eyes widened. "Wow...."

"Yah I know right?! It is incredible!!" said Soul with a large grin on her face"

Above them flew dozens of flying Pokemon. They did somersaults and darted back and forth across the blue sky.

"Some of those are Pokemon of trainers, while the others are wild. There are many different species of Pokemon up there!" said the trainer.

"Really??" said Silver. He took out his Pokedex and pointed it at a Pokemon he didn't know.

"No available data." said the Pokedex.

"Aaaahhh!!! What is wrong with this thing?!?!?!" exclaimed Silver.

"I could tell you what that one is. It is Staravia! It is the evolved form of Starly. They are common in the Sinnoh region, while they are very very rare in the Johto region. That is actually a trainer's Pokemon."

"Huh...I wonder why my Pokedex won't tell me what it is..."

"Silver, we probably should ask Prof. Elm about it" suggested Soul.

"Yah, that is a good idea. I am getting very irritated about this Pokedex....it doesn't know about half of the Pokemon I meet...."

"Yah, true. However, I recognize some up there! I see a few Pidgey and a Noctowl up there! I also think I see a Fearow and Golbat! Wait...what is a Golbat doing here?"

"Well, Golbat have flying characteristics. This is a gym dedicated to flying type Pokemon. Flying Pokemon are some of the most diverse Pokemon, covering nearly every other type that exists. So, if they are so diverse, we must include all of them!" said the trainer with a grin.

"Oh, I understand! That's really cool." said Soul.

Silver was staring at the sky also. However, one Pokemon up in the sky caught his attention more than the others. It looked like a Pidgeot to him. It was flying very fast, doing flips and spins in the air. It was also racing the other flying Pokemon, but seemed to beat them all.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:27 am

Silver then looked down from the sky. He and Soul stood up and walked towards the platform which led to the bottom floor. They both boarded it and talked about what they should do.

"It is pretty late Silver, I think we should just get something to eat, maybe talk about your strategy for your gym battle, then head off to bed. I don't know about you, but I'm wooped" said Soul, as they exited the Gym.

"Yeah, I'm pretty tired also. I agree with you. I really want to go over my strategy, I can't wait for the battle!!"

"Okay, well, let's just talk about it now as we look for a place to eat"

"Alright, well. I suppose I will use all of my Pokemon in my battle, right?"

"It depends. If the Gym leader proposes a 3v3 battle, which is quite common, you might want to leave out Beedrill or Ledian, since they have a disadvantage against flying Pokemon."

"My Pokemon can take on any disadvantage!!" exclaimed Silver

"I know you have confidence in your Pokemon Silver, but you should play it smart. This is your first gym battle"

"Yeah...your right...." said Silver. They continued walking, but nothing seemed very appealing so far.

"Back to the number of Pokemon. Another common gym battle would be a 6v6, which is a full battle. If he proposes that, I would not battle, because you do not even have 6 Pokemon."

"Could I use one of yours if that happens??"

"Nope. You won't let me feed your Pokemon, so I won't let you battle with mine" said Soul with a smirk

"Hey, not fair!! Grrr...." said Silver. However, he found Soul's wit quite amusing. "Well, what strategy should I use then??"

"Well, none of your Pokemon besides Vaporeon have an advantage over the other. Vaporeon knows Aurora Beam, which is super effective against flying types. However, like that trainer said, Falkner knows how to deal with type disadvantages, so I would not rely on it. I really do not know a lot about flying Pokemon. They are quite diverse, so it is hard to pin down an effective strategy against them."

"Yah, you're right. I remember that trainer saying that. Well, I think I am going to focus on keeping them close. Neither Totodile nor Vaporeon can fly, so if they get too far away, it will be hard to do much."

"Yeah, good idea!! Although Beedrill and Ledian can fly, so don't forget about that. Beedrill is a pretty good acrobat, while Ledian is quite a power hitter. So keep that in mind as well."

"Alright, sweet! I am really really excited!! Aaah, I can't wait!!" exclaimed Silver, pumping his fist into the air.

They continued to walk but did not see anything. The air was beginning to cool down quickly. Then Silver saw a market up ahead.

"Hey Soul, would you wanna just cook a stew or something? It's getting cold, and nothing here has stood out so far."

"Yeah! Fine by me! Let's go!"

They both walked to the market and bought vegetables and a few meats to make a scrumptious stew.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Tue Aug 31, 2010 7:30 am

After they and their pokemon had dinner, they went to the PokeCenter they had been to. There they got lodging for the night, and got ready to go to sleep. Silver had trouble going to sleep because he was very excited about the battle with Falkner. The next morning, Silver and Soul got breakfast and head out. When they entered the gym, it was a bit livelier than it was the day before. They rode the rising platform ( Which Soul still wasnt very fond of ) up to the second floor. Silver and Soul walked around and looked for, but could not find the gym leader. But one of the trainers walked up to the two.

" Oh, its you two trainers from yesterday. " He said.

Silver turned around to face him. " Yeah, hello. Um, where is Falkner? " He asked.

" Oh, Falkner? You probably wont be seeing him for a while. He usually goes on a morning walk to prep himself and his pokemon. " The trainer replied.

" What? " Said Silver. " So what are we supposed to do while we wait? "

" I dunno. " The trainer laughed. " You could stay here and train if you want. Speaking of which, I must go now. "

And with that, he went back to train.

" Well thats just great. Now what are we gonna do. " Silver asked Soul.

" Well, now would be the perfect time to create a strategy. " Soul replied. " Lets find somewhere to sit. And after we are done, we could do some training ourselves to prep our selves for the battle. "

" Alright. " Silver said.

When they found a place to sit, Soul brought out the type chart that she drew two days before.

" Ok, so I think we should focus a bit on skarmory. "

" Oh yeah skarmory, That huge metal bird. Umm... Do you know what type it is? "

" As a matter of fact, I do. It is a dual steel and flying type. Quite a few trainers use them because their steel type cancels out super effective damage with ice type attacks, which are normally super effective against flying types. "

" OK, so vaporeons aurora beam attack would not be a very good thing to use on it. But fight type moves have an advantage over steel types, what about comet punch with ledian? "

" Well, there are three things wrong with that theory. First, despite the name, comet punch is a normal type move, if you were to use that move against skarmory, it wouldnt be very effective. Second, the flying type would cancel out the super effective if the move was a fight type anyway. Third, skarmory could easily have taken out a bug type like ledian very soon if it has a flying type move. " Soul said with a frown.

Silver looked a bit shocked at all the factors that went into a simple move.

" Umm... Ok, I think this may take a while. " He said. " Why dont we train while we make the battle strategy? "

" Alright. " Soul said with a chuckle. " Lets get our pokemon out and find an area to train. But lets not get near those large glass panels on the floor, I think its a bit... weird to be able to see all the way to the ground. "

" Ok... " Silver said curiously.

With that, they got up and headed towards the nearest training area.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:09 am

"Come out guys! Let's get ready to rumble!!" called Silver

Totodile, Ledian, Beedrill, and Vaporeon came out of their Pokeballs in a flash of light. Sensing Silver's confidence, they all seemed ready to battle. Then a voice sounded to Silver's right.

"You are really going to use Bug Pokemon against Falkner? That is a really pathetic choice."

Silver looked over.

"It's Damian!" said Silver.

"Oh ya huh" replied Soul, looking over.

"Why do you say that Damian? Who cares if they have a type disadvantage."

"You should care, for one. You aren't a good enough trainer to ignore type advantages. You are going to get swept."

"Well, you haven't even gotten the Zephyr Badge. How would you know?" Silver said. He smiled to himself at his own wit.

Damian stared back. It was obvious he did not have anything to say back that. He went back to the benches. One of the trainers moved out of the way to make room for him.

"I wonder what he is doing here" questioned Silver.

"I really have no idea...." said Soul. However, she seemed to be thinking to herself.

"You know Soul...he is kinda right. I have two bug Pokemon, they are going to get slaughtered by Falkner's flying types."

"Nonsense Silver!! Type disadvantages are useful, but they are only truly effective in a theoretical sense. I watched a show on TV before we left New Bark Town. It was saying how Pokemon have evolved so much over the years that if type advantages determined whether a Pokemon won or lost, only one or two types of Pokemon would be alive today. Pokemon can adapt, even in the most stressful or disadvantages situations. Or atleast that is what the Professor on the TV said, haha." replied Soul.

"Seriously Soul, where in the world do you find all this stuff out??"

"Well, you never saw me play outside a lot did you? I read and watch a lot of TV"

"Yea, that's true. You just retain this stuff a lot better than me. Anyways....I am sort of stuck on what to do....I don't really have a strategy"

"Well Silver, the only answer I have for you is to go with your gut instinct. You are learning about your Pokemon, so this would be a great opportunity!"

"I agree with you on that. I think I am focusing too much on my strategy when I do not even know enough about my Pokemon yet. I'll just do the best I can..." said Silver.

He looked at his Pokemon. They were rough housing with eachother; jumping and tackling eachother.

"Hey guys, return! You all need rest! We have a big battle ahead of us!" said Silver, returning each of his Pokemon one at a time.

Just when he finished that, he heard a commotion. He looked around. All of the trainers were standing up and looking at the mobile platform. Falkner was standing on it and was walking towards Silver.

"Silver, are you ready for our battle? I just got back from my walk. My Pokemon are ready to battle and test you!"

"Yes, I am ready Falkner!!"

Silver ran to the end of the battlefield closer to the platform. This was the challenger's side. The other end was where Falkner stood. Soul walked over the benches and sat next to one of the trainers.

"The challenger is your friend right?" asked the trainer.

"Yup he is!! He is going to do great!"

"I don't think so. Damian said he flattened that trainer in a battle a few days ago. Sorry, but your friend isn't ready for Falkner if Damian wasn't"

"What's all this talk about Damian? He is just a trainer like all of us. Leave Silver alone, he is just fine."

The trainer looked away from Soul. Soul sat there watching Silver. Falkner raised his right hand and one of the trainers stood up and ran to the edge of the battlefield. He would act as the referee for this battle.

"Okay, challenger are you ready?"

"Yup!" yelled Silver, standing with his legs apart and slightly bent. He was focusing intently upon Falkner.

"Gym Leader Falkner, are you ready?"

"Yes." said Falkner, twiddling a Pokeball in his hand.

"Okay! This will be a 5v5 battle! Both sides are allowed to substitute Pokemon! Begin!"

"Alright, let's start this off! Go Farfetch'd!" cried Falkner.

He held up the Pokeball as it opened up and a stream of light flew out. It formed into the shape of a bird like Pokemon with a wide bill. It was mostly white and brown and was holding a branch of some kind. Silver took out his Pokedex and scanned it.

"Farfetch'd, the Wild Duck Pokemon. A dual Normal and Flying type Pokemon. The stick that they hold is used as a weapon, most notably, a metal sword."

"Interesting....." Silver thought to himself.

"Alright then...go Totodile!!" cried Silver.

Totodile appeared in a flash of light. It did a small dance before lowering itself into a battle stance.

"Okay Farfetch'd, Air Slash!" cried Falkner.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:39 am

Farfetch'd immediately jumped into the air and twirled its stick around until a blue ball of air gathered around it. Then at the arc of its jump, it flung the ball of air at totodile. Silver barely had time to respond.

" Totodile, dodge it quick! "

Totodile jumped to the side on his belly, just barely missing the attack.

" Now use your cut attack farfetch'd! "

" Totodile, counter with bite! "

Farfetch'd jumped at totodile with its stick posed to strike, but totodile also leaped at farfetch'd with its mouth wide open. The two collided, and totodile was biting on the wing of the brown bird while it had been hit with the stick in its opposite wing.

" Ahh, farfetch'd get totodile off of you! Use peck, now! "

" Totodile, keep biting on it! Dont let go! "

Farfetch'd had started to rapidly peck totodile on the head, but it was soon after that it stopped, and started squawking in pain. Then it smashed its stick on totodiles head and shook its wing until it dropped off.

" Huh? Totodile, why did you- wait a sec... "

Silver had looked closely at the wing that totodile had bit on, it seemed to have a bit of mist coming of of it and it also seemed partially frozen. Falkner recognized it immediately.

" Aah! Farfetch'd, try and fly up and hit it with another air slash! "

The bird tried to fly up, but it only got about a foot off the ground before it fell, Silver figured that it was due to the small amount of ice on its wing.

" Totodile, use water gun right now! "

Totodile got up and shot the stream of water at point-blank range at farfetch'd. It was knocked of its feet, fainted.

" Huh? Farfetch'd return! "

" Good job totodile! Return! "

Falkner looked over at Silver and smiled. " Very good, but it wont be that easy for the rest of the battle. " he said.

" I dont expect it to be. " Silver replied.

" Well then you are a smart trainer. " Falkner said with a chuckle. " Tailow, come on out! "

Out of the white light, a small navy blue bird with a white belly swooped down onto the battle field. Silver whipped out his pokedex out again, only to find that the pokedex didnt carry information on that pokemon either.

" Not again... " He sighed. Then he started to think. " Lets see, it doesnt look that big, I think that beedrill could handle it even if it has a type disadvantage. " He thought to himself. " Alright, go beedrill! "
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:08 am

Beedrill came out of the Pokeball in the familiar flash of light. If you were within 40 feet of Beedrill, you could easily hear it's wings beating rapidly. It's spear like arms were reflecting the sun's rays. Beedrill seemed ready to battle.

"Hey Beedrill, let's go first! Pin Missile!!" yelled Silver.

Beedrill flew up in the air about a foot, stuck it's arms infront of itself, and let loose a stream of needles at Taillow.

"Quick Attack Taillow!" said Falkner.

Taillow let out a cry as it flapped it's wings and folded it's body as it rocketed itself towards Beedrill, moving in a circle around the Pin Missile attack, completely dodging it. Silver did not react quick enough, and Taillow slammed into Beedrill. Beedrill fell out of the air and collapsed into the ground with a loud thud. A dust cloud surrounded Beedrill's location.

The referee was watching closely for any signs of Beedrill fainting. The dust cloud slowly cleared, only to reveal Beedrill getting back to it's legs and to begin flapping it's wings.

"Alright Beedrill!! That's the spirit! Okay, Pin Missile again!"

"Wow, Falkner countered that move easily last time, why is Silver trying it again?" questioned the trainer next to Soul.

Soul did not respond, she was watching the match intently.

"Quick Attack again Taillow!" yelled Falkner.

Taillow performed the same aerial maneuver as it sped towards Beedrill, circling the Pin Missile as it went. However, nearly before Taillow reached Beedrill, Silver yelled.

"Poison Sting now Beedrill!" cried Silver.

Falkner opened his mouth slightly. Beedrill's stinger on it's abdomen glowed slightly purple before it jabbed it into Taillow's stomach. Taillow cried out in pain as it was launched many feet in the air. The combined force of Quick Attack's momentum and Poison Sting's potency seemed to have greatly damaged Taillow.

"I'm impressed Silver, I didn't think you would try to re-counter my counter move. I am certainly not going to underestimate you again." said Falkner with a slight smile.

"Well, you better start now, because I am going to end this fight! Beedrill, get it with another Poison Sting!" cried Silver.

Beedrill flew straight towards Taillow as it's stinger began to glow slightly purple. He was about 10 feet away from Taillow before Falkner reacted.

"Taillow, U-Turn!"

"Huh?" Silver said under his breath.

Right before Beedrill reached Taillow, Taillow initiated another aerial maneuver, circling around Beedrill as if it was dodging a Pin Missile. Then, it glowed a slight greenish brown color and flew in a sharp u-turn, hitting Beedrill directly in the middle of it's back. It then swiftly flew towards Falkner. Then a light flashed from Falkner's Pokeball and engulfed Taillow, returning it to it's Pokeball.

Silver stood there, blinking for a second. He stared as Beedrill fell from the sky and once again crashed into the floor. He had no idea what had just happened.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:17 am

Falkner grabbed another one of his pokeballs.

" Alright, Honchkrow, go! " He said.

A slightly large, dark blue bird flew out of the flash of light. Silver thought it had a hat on, but figured that it was just some large feathers. Silver pulled out his pokedex and scanned the pokemon.

" Honchkrow, the big boss pokemon. It is the evolved form of murkrow and is a dual dark/flying type. It gathers many murkrow to follow it, and can call them with its deep cry. This has earned it the title of: " Summoner of the night . "

" In case you are confused, it is your turn to attack. " Falkner told Silver.

" Ok then, beedrill, use pin missile! " Silver said.

" Honchkrow, counter with dark pulse! "

Beedrill, once again shot large needle towards the opponent. Honchkrow didn't do anything until the attack was close, then it raised its wings, glowed purple, and let out a shock wave of dark purple energy that surged across the battle field and deflected most of the attack. Some of the pin missile did hit honchkrow however.

" Woah! " Silver said in amazement. " Beedrill, poison sting, now! "

" Honchkrow, use swagger! "

Beedrill flew toward honchkrow, and again, the opponent didnt act immediately. But honchkrow soon raised its wings again, and this time glowed a faint red. Then it made a loud cry that sounded a lot like sinister laughing. Beedrill stopped flying towards honchkrow, and it started to shake in fury. it continued to swoop down to attack, but it constantly missed the agile bird, and it eventually rammed into the ground accidentally.

" Aah! Beedrill, calm down, calm down! " Silver yelled.

" Heh, Honchkrow use wing attack! "

" Beedrill, use twineedle! "

Honchkrow flew upwards toward beedrill with its wings spread out as far as they would go, and beedrill swooped down at honchkrow at high speed, with its spear-like hands poised to strike. Then they both collided, and fell out of the air. The referee observed the two pokemon, and beedrill was on the ground, clearly knocked out. Honchkrow was standing in front of it, and started to laugh again, but it to, fell to the ground, fainted. Silver was a bit distressed that beedrill was knocked out, but relieved that honchkrow had also been taken down.

" Hmm. That was some power Silver, I am impressed. " Falkner praised. " But more recklessness like that can lead to your downfall. Honchkrow, you did well, return. "

" Alright then. " Silver replied. " Great job beedrill, return. "

" Tailow, come on out again! " Falkner exclaimed.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:50 am

Taillow flew out of it's Pokeball and squaked. However, it's cry was quite weak, it seemed extremely tired from it's battle with Beedrill. Silver thought carefully about his next Pokeball.

"Well....Vaporeon has Aurora Beam, which might knock out Taillow pretty quickly. But then again, Falkner might have a strategy against ice moves. I also have Ledian who has not battled yet, although that's the same for Vaporeon. Although Ledian can fly and is a lot bigger than Taillow. But it is at a type disadvantage against Taillow. Hmm...."

Silver though for a few more seconds before making his decision.

"Go Vaporeon!!" cried Silver

Vaporeon appeared from it's Pokeball, sitting and licking its paws as usual. Falkner seemed slightly surprised.

"Wow, you have a Vaporeon? That is quite surprising for a beginner trainer. This should be a very interesting match. Although, it won't be very interesting if we don't battle! Taillow, Quick Attack!!"

Taillow rocketed towards Vaporeon. Even though it was tired, Taillow seemed to still have most of it's speed.

"Vaporeon, Aurora Beam!"

Vaporeon looked towards Taillow and opened it's mouth, collecting a sphere of rainbow color. Vaporeon then let loose the Aurora Beam straight at Taillow. Falkner reacted immediately.

"Mud-Slap Taillow!" yelled Falker.

Mud seemed to materialize underneath Taillow's feet and it quickly flung it at the Aurora Beam. The mud and beam collided in mid air. The result was a frozen glob of mud that was hurdling towards Vaporeon.

"Vaporeon, dodge it quick!" cried Silver.

"Taillow, follow up with another Quick Attack!" said Falkner.

Vaporeon jumped out of the way of the frozen counter attack. But as the frozen Mud-Slap attack flew by Vaporeon, Taillow flew out from behind it and nailed Vaporeon in the side with a Quick Attack. Vaporeon let out a cry as it hit the ground.

"There is Falkner's brilliance." stated the trainer next to Soul.

"That was amazing." responded Soul.

"Yup. Falkner used that Aurora Beam against Silver. The combined force of the Mud-Slap and Aurora Beam caused them to fuse together. After the fusion, Falkner uses it for cover to allow his weakened Taillow to get closer to Vaporeon. After he is close enough, Taillow's Quick Attack is sure to strike."

"Wow, that is a well though out strategy. It's similar to use his of Sandstorm to block the effects of electric type attacks right?"

"Exactly. However, it isn't as black and white as you might think. Falkner carefully calcualtes his opponents strengths to determine if the strategy will work or not. Not all strategies are fail proof."

"Yea....that's true..." responded Soul, looking back at the battle.

Vaporeon got up from the Quick Attack and faced Taillow.

"Okay, good job Vaporeon!! Water Gun!!"

"Dodge it and use another Quick Attack!" responded Falkner.

Vaporeon shot a stream of water at Taillow. Taillow performed it's signature aerial maneuver and rotated around the Water Gun as it flew at towards Vaporeon with a Quick Attack."

"Okay, Aqua Ring now!" yelled Silver.

"I hope this works" Silver thought.

Blue rings of water materialized around Vaporeon. They glowed and sank into Vaporeon's skin. Immediately after this, Taillow connected it's Quick Attack into Vaporeon's side. However, the Aqua Ring seemed to invigorate Vaporeon, and it was not knocked into the ground. It had managed to hold it's ground, and now Taillow was within a foot of Vaporeon.

"Now, Aurora Beam quickly!!" cried Silver.

"Get out of the way fast Taillow!! Go!" yelled Falkner with his hands in the air.

Taillow flapped it's wings in an attempt to get out of the way. However, now it was too tired to move fast and was hit point blank by Vaporeon's Aurora Beam. It launched Taillow across the battlefield and it slammed into the ground. It had fainted.

"Taillow is unable to battle!!" yelled the referee.

"Woohoo!! yelled Silver triumphantly.

"Good battle, return Taillow." said Falkner. He now stood watching Silver. His eyes then widened. "Silver, how many Pokemon do you have with you?"

"Huh? Oh, 4, why?"

"Are you sure you want to continue? This is a 5v5 battle."

"Yes, I am sure Falkner. I'm ready!"

"Alright then. Keep in mind, I have 2 more Pokemon. Go Skarmory!!" shouted Falkner, raising his Pokeball into the air.

It opened and a flash of light let loose from it. A metal bird emerged from it. It was shining in the sun's rays. It looked refreshed and ready to battle.

"That's the same Skarmory from Damian's battle Silver, be ready!!" yelled Soul.

Silver turned to her and nodded his head. He then looked back and Skarmory.

"Good job Vaporeon, I am very proud of you. Okay, go Ledian!"
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:40 pm

" Skarmory, use spikes! " Falkner commanded.

Skarmory flew up in the air and spun around rapidly like when it used sandstorm, but this time, spikes shot out from skarmory and landed on the ground.

" Um, ok... " Silver said confused. " Ledian, use comet punch! "

Ledian flew up to skarmory and hit it a few times in the chest, each of which did little damage.

" Skarmory, use steel wing! "

Skarmorys wings glowed white, and it swung it wings at ledian. When it hit, ledian fell out of the air and onto the spike-covered ground.

" Ahh! So thats why he put them there... " Silver thought to himself. " Ledian, can you still fly? "

Ledian picked itself off the ground and nodded at Silver. But skarmory had begun to swoop down on ledian.

" Skarmory, keep using steel wing! "

" Ledian, use reflect! "

Ledian cast a round orange barrier around it just before skarmory attacked it. Skarmory slammed its metal wings onto the barrier, each of which bounced ledian and the barrier onto the spikes.

" Ledian, counter steel wing with comet punch! "

Ledian rammed its fists into skarmorys chest while its guard was down, then it repeatedly hit it on the head, until it knocked the bird to the floor. The spikes didnt seem to have much effect on skarmory, but the got caught in its feathers, making it hard to fly without hurting itself.

" Alright, now we have the upper hand! Ledian, keep using comet punch! "

" Not so fast Silver. " Said falkner. " Skarmory, use sandstorm! "

The sandstorm attack was used the same way it was used against Damians electabuzz, and ledian was knocked back from it. On top of that, the spikes had fallen out of its feathers.

" Ledian, use super sonic! " Silver said.

Silvers pokemon had opened its mouth and shot out a ray of blue rings at skarmory. Now skarmory was flying a bit funny, as it was trying to keep itself from hearing the annoying sound. But it fell out of the sky, and onto the spiked floor. It flew back up, but it looked really tired now.

" Skarmory, use air cutter! "

" Dodge it ledian, and then try to finish it off with comet punch! " Silver said confidently.

Ledian flew down towards skarmory, and skarmory flapped its wings in a way that it flung white, blade-like air at ledian. It managed to mis most of them, but it flew right through one of the attacks and took damage. This did not slow it down however, it was determined to finish off skarmory. Ledian hit skarmory right in the jaw with its fist, and the bird fell out of the air, and once again landed on the spikes. Everybody observed to see if skarmory had fainted, and it did not move.

" Skarmory is unable to battle, ledian wins. " The referee said.

" Arrgh, Skarmory, return. " Falkner said.

" Alright ledian, you did great! " Silver praised. " Return ledian. "

" Well Silver. You have done very well so far. But you had better be prepared for the last obstacle. "

" Ha, I am prepared for anything. " Silver said. " Go vaporeon! "

" Pidgeot, come on out! "

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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:38 pm

With a flash of light came out Pidgeot. It was a very large bird, with a long red and yellow plume on it's head. It's stomach was cream colored, while the rest of it's body was a light brown. It also had bright red tail feathers and black markings around it's eyes. Silver immediately noticed something.

"That's the Pidgeot I saw earlier!!" Silver thought to himself. "This is a strong Pokemon for sure. I'm going to have to match it's power!"

"Okay Vaporeon, Aurora Beam!!!" yelled Silver.

"Dodge it Pidgeot." said Falkner.

Vaporeon opened it's mouth as the familiar rainbow beam shot across the field. Pidgeot simply flew around the field, dodging the Aurora Beam.

"Fly up Pidgeot!!" said Falkner loudly.

"Follow it with your Aurora Beam!!" yelled Silver

Pidgeot turned into a steep rise as it flew towards the sky. Vaporeon followed it, but it couldn't hit Pidgeot.

"Now Pidgeot, Mud-Slap!"

Pidgeot turned around and materialized mud beneath its clawed feet. A very large quantity appeared before it thrust it at the Aurora Beam. Just as before, the Mud-Slap was frozen solid as it descended towards the ground. As it fell, Pidgeot followed it.

"Dodge it Vaporeon!!" cried Silver. He was also ready for what Taillow had done, so he was going to call out a move very soon. However, Falkner did something different than before.

"Pidgeot, Air Cutter on the frozen mud!" cried Falkner.

Pidgeot slapped it's wings through the air, shooting crescent-shaped energy at the frozen mud. When it made contact, it shattered the frozen mud into dozens of shards of various sizes.

"Aaah!! Run quick Vaporeon!!" cried Silver.

However, it did no use. The entire field was bombarded with these frozen shards. Vaporeon was hit several times in the side and in the back. Due to them gaining energy on the fall, as well as absorbing the energy from the Air Cutter, Vaporeon was hurt quite badly. It's energy seemed extremely depleted.

"Okay Pidgeot, finish this with Aerial Ace!!" yelled Falkner.

Pidgeot flew into a steep dive towards Vaporeon. Due to the speed of the attack, the air around Pidgeot was splitting and swirling around it.

"Water Gun Vaporeon!!" yelled Silver desperately.

Vaporeon shot a stream of water at Pidgeot, but merely moved out of the way of the Water Gun's path. Pidgeot then slammed into Vaporeon's back. Vaporeon hit the ground with a loud thud as Pidgeot flew off toward's the other end of the field near Falkner. Dust cleared, and it was obvious that Vaporeon was knocked out.

"Vaporeon is unable to battle." stated the referee.

"Vaporeon...." said Silver under his breath. He was surprised at the speed and agility that Pidgeot possessed. "Return Vaporeon." Silver said, holding out his Pokeball as Vaporeon was sucked into it.

Silver stood there, contemplating which should be his next Pokemon.

"Okay...go Ledian!" yelled Silver, throwing his Pokeball into the air.

Ledian came out of it's Pokeball. It stood there with it's fists stuck out, ready for battle.

"Let's start this one off Pidgeot, use Air Cutter!"

"Fly in the air Ledian, dodge it!"

Pidgeot slashed it's wings in the air, sending crescent-shaped energy at Ledian. However, Ledian flew into the air, dodging the attack.

"Now, Comet Punch!" yelled Silver.

Ledian flew straight for Pidgeot and landed a hit right in it's stomach, sending Pidgeot a few feet higher into the air.

"Another one Ledian!"

Ledian flew at Pidgeot again, it's fist ready to nail Pidgeot.

"Dodge, then Steel Wing!" cried Falkner.

Pidgeot flew to the side as Ledian flew at him as it's wings glowed silvery. Then it flew at Ledian right before Ledian reached Pidgeot. Ledian missed it's Comet Punch and was close lined in the neck by Pigeot's Silver Wing. Ledian plummeted to the ground as Falkner yelled out another command.

"Follow that up with an Air Cutter!" yelled Falkner.

Pidgeot flew towards Ledian and was gaining ground. It was within 5 feet of Ledian before it sliced it's wings in the air and launched the Air Cutter at Ledian. They hit their mark and launched Ledian straight into the ground. The impact caused a small hole in the ground to be created, which Ledian laid in, knocked out.

"Ledian is unable to the battle!" stated the referee.

"That Pidgeot is a great battler." said Soul

"Yes, it is. It is Falkner's strongest Pokemon. You see, he normally tests his enemy with his first few Pokemon. Then, he will confuse the enemy with different types of Flying Pokemon, such as Skarmory and Honchkrow. After figuring out the challenger's strategy, weaknesses and strengths, he uses Pidgeot to sweep the rest of the challenger's team. Falkner does it nearly every time, and it works effectively, as you can see."

"Yah....." replied Soul. She was watching Silver.

"Come on Silver...you can do this!!" Soul thought to herself.

"Alright Totodile, let's do this!!" yelled Silver, throwing his last Pokeball into the air.

Totodile emerged from the Pokeball. It seemed tired, but also ready to battle.

"Totodile, come here real quick" said Silver, beckoning Totodile over.

Totodile walked over and looked at Silver.

"Okay Totodile, you are the last one. We are all counting on you. No pressure or anything, but just battle your best and everyone will be proud of you. Okay?"

Totodile nodded. Then, it started to glow a bright white.

"Aah, what's happening?!" said Silver, standing up and backing away.

Falkner's eyes widened as he watched what was going on at the other end of the field.

"Totodile is evolving!!!" exclaimed Soul, standing up quickly and pumping her fist into the air.

Totodile grew in height as a spiked crest started to emerge from it's head. It's tail also grew longer, as did it's spike on the tail. It also started becoming slightly stockier. Then, the light slowly dissapated.

"Croconaw....." said the newly evolved Croconaw

"Woohoo!! Yeaaahhh!!!" exclaimed Silver excitedly. He took out his Pokedex and scanned Totodile.

"Croconaw, the Big Jaw Pokemon. Being Totodile's evolved form, it is a pure water type Pokemon. It uses it's massive jaw to clamp down onto opponents and execute a number of moves, such as Bite and Ice Fang." stated the Pokedex.

Suddenly, something clicked in Silver's brain.

"That ice from earlier....that must have been Ice Fang!! That move is super effective against Flying types!" Silver thought to himself.

"Okay Croconaw, let's do this!!!" yelled Silver triumphantly.

Croconaw turned around and jumped towards the battlefield. It also seemed to have gained newfound energy through it's evolution.

"An interesting turn of events Silver....but this won't halt my advance. You are a good battler Silver, but your goal for the Zephyr badge ends here."

"That is what you think! Croconaw, Water Gun!!" exclaimed Silver.

Croconaw jumped forward and opened it's move, letting lose a stream of water at Pidgeot.

"Counter with Air Cutter!" yelled Falkner.

Pidgeot slashed it's wings into the air, sending the Air Cutter straight at the Water Gun. They collided in mid-air, launching mist everywhere.

"Another Water Gun!!" yelled Silver

"Aerial Ace Pidgeot!" responded Falkner.

Croconaw launched another Water Gun, but Pidgeot moved to the side and lurched towards Croconaw. It was dodging the Water Gun just as it had done to Vaporeon.

"Bite Croconaw!" yelled Silver

Croconaw opened it's mouth and jumped at Pidgeot. It got hit hard with the Aerial Ace, but it was also clamping down on it's wing. Pidgeot cried in pain as it tried to fly into the air, lifting the 55 lb Croconaw.

"Follow up with Ice Fang!" cried Silver, hopeful that this move would cause heavy damage.

"Steel Wing!" yelled Falkner.

Mist billowed from Croconaw's mouth as ice began to form around Pidgeot's wing. However, it's wing glowed bright silver as the ice broke from it's wing and Croconaw was expelled from it's wing. However, the combined Bite and Ice Fang seemed to have done some damage to Pidgeot, as it was flying a bit slower than before. Croconaw was falling towards the ground, but Silver reacted quickly.

"Water Gun it down Croconaw!" yelled Silver

"Dodge it fast Pidgeot!" yelled Falkner

Pidgeot attempted to move out of the way, but the same wing which was bitten was hit by Croconaw's Water Gun. Pidgeot was knocked out of the air as both Croconaw and Pidgeot fell towards the ground. They both landed with a thud. They laid there for a second.

"Both Pokemon are unable to...." said the referee. But he stopped as Pidgeot began to move.

Pidgeot lifted itself off the ground and started flapping it's wings, trying to gain some elevation. Croconaw also lifted itself off the ground and started moving towards Pidgeot.

"Stop it in it's tracks with Air Cutter!" yelled Falkner.

"Croconaw, now it is all or nothing!!! Ice Fang!!!" yelled Silver.

Pidgeot turned towards Croconaw and slashed it's wings once more, sending two familiar crescent energy towards Croconaw. Croconaw dodged one and was hit by the other. However, it kept running forward and jumped at Pidgeot. It landed into it's stomach, knocking Pidgeot onto it's back while managing to land ontop of it. Then Croconaw's fangs glowed cyan as it flung it's head towards Pidgeot. Mist billowed once more as some ice formed around the bite mark. Croconaw crawled off of it's stomach and laid there, huffing and puffing hard. It was obvious what Pidgeot's state was.

"Pidgeot is unable to battle! The winner is Silver from New Bark Town!"
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:04 am

Silver stood there, his eyes glazed over.

"I won....I won...." He thought. "I won!"

"Woohoo!!" yelled Silver, jumping into the air and thrusting his fist into the air.

"Yeaahhh Silver!!" cried Soul with much enthusiasm.

Several of the trainers on the bench were surprised, while others were cheering. Damian stared at Silver for a few seconds, grumbled to himself, and stood up, walking towards the mobile platform.

"Return, Pidgeot." said Falkner.

Pidgeot descended into Falkner's outstretched Pokeball. Falkner deposited the Pokeball and walked towards Silver, who was patting Croconaw on the head, congratulating it.

"Silver, that was an excellent battle. You fought with your wits, strength, and bonded with your Pokemon. It was truly wonderful. This is all I have to say, here is your badge." stated Falkner.

He held out his hand, which held a silvery badge shaped like a pair of silver wings. Silver took the badge and stared at it.

"Wow...my first badge...this is so great!" said Silver, looking up and smiling at Falkner.

Falkner nearly smiled and turned away. He walked towards the edge of the building and looked into the sky.

"Silver, that was an amazing battle! You were so awesome!" cried Soul as she ran towards Silver.

Silver turned around and they hugged briefly.

"Thanks!! I was pretty confident near the beginning, but once that Pidgeot came out, I got pretty nervous. I wasn't sure if I would win, but look at what happened! Croconaw pulled through! Well, all of my Pokemon did. They all played a role in this!" he said, looking down at Croconaw.

"I was so surprised that Croconaw evolved! That is soo cool! It will be a lot more powerful now Silver, so don't hesitate to use it's power!" said Soul.

"Yah, you're right!" said Silver with a grin.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   

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Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!
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