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 Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!

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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:21 am

"Wow, that's what my Cyndaquil might evolve into some day!!" exclaimed Soul

"Really? That's an interesting Pokemon. That trainer also..." said Erik

Silver stood there for a second and then ran towards the trainer. The trainer heard the running and turned around to see Silver running at him. Silver reached him in a matter of seconds.

"Excuse me sir, but I would like to challenge you to a battle!" said Silver quickly

"Oh, uhm, a battle? Hmm..." the trainer thought to himself. He stood there looking at the ground with his hand on the chin, obviously thinking about something. He then seemed to come to a conclusion. "Sure, let's battle in the back. This PokeCenter has a battlefield around the corner."

"Yes!! Awesome!" said Silver with a smile.

"Uhh...did he really challenge him?" said Soul

"Haha, I guess so" laughed Erik. "Let's go, I wanna watch this. I don't even know who that person is."

"Yah, Silver didn't even ask his name, haha"

They ran up to the trainer and Silver and introduced themselves as Silver's friends. They walked around the PokeCenter. They didn't talk so it was slightly awkward. The trainer still did not introduce his name, nor did Soul, Silver, or Erik ask for it.

They finally reached the battlefield as Silver took one end of the field and the trainer took the other end.

"Would you like to choose first?" inquired the trainer. "Or should I go first?"

"I'll choose first, I already know who I am going to start with!! Go Croconaw!!" yelled Silver, throwing Croconaw's Pokeball into the air. It opened with a flash of light as Croconaw materialized on the ground. Croconaw seemed ready to battle as it lowered itself and growled slightly.

"Cool, a Croconaw! This should be fun. Let's go buddy." said the trainer.

The Typhlosion walked out onto the battlefield. It seemed calm, but it's eyes were still glinting.

"Huh...." said Erik

"What?" asked Soul

"I wonder why he's using a fire type..Croconaw has a great advantage."

"Yah....true...hmm..." said Soul.

"I wanna get this going! Croconaw, charge with a Bite!!" yelled Silver.

Croconaw let out a small roar and charged for Typhlosion. Typhlosion stood there, looking at Croconaw.


Immediately Typlosion let out a roar as it got on all fours and raised it's head to the sky. A bright fireball materialized at it's mouth. It quickly increased its volume. Then Typhlosion's body tensed and the fireball flew towards the sky with a loud bang. Higher and higher it rose until it exploded into more than a dozen fireballs. They were very large and began to fall towards the ground in all directions at a tremendous pace. The battlefield was glimmering with the light produced by all the fire.

"Woah...." whispered Silver.

Croconaw continued to run towards Typhlosion, but one of it's eyes was watching the fireballs.

It took only a few seconds for the fireballs to reach about 10 feet from the ground and it was certain that several were headed towards the vicinity of Croconaw.

"Dodge!! Aah, quick!" yelled Silver

Croconaw jumped to the side dodging one. However, the fireball exploded on the ground which resulted in Croconaw flying several feet in the air, only to collide with one of the fireballs. With this contact, the fireball exploded, launching Croconaw higher in the air. Croconaw rose up high and then descended towards the ground as the other fireballs exploded on the ground, cloaking the ground in smoke and heat.

Eventually it cleared and Croconaw was laying on the ground limp, obviously knocked out.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:16 am

Silver stood there, stunned. He was speechless. Erik and Soul were also very surprised. The trainer however seemed not too surprised. He stood there will a slight smile, as if pleased with Typhlosion's performance.

"One move...wow...that Typhlosion sure is powerful.." Silver thought

He stood there for nearly 15 seconds before the trainer spoke.

"You want to keep going?"

"Of course!" said Silver, snapping back to the battle.

He recalled Croconaw with a depressed look on his face. He then straightened up and threw out another Pokeball.

"Let's go Vaporeon, you got this!"

Vaporeon came out of the Pokeball. Vaporeon materialized in its classical sitting position. But Vaporeon was not licking its paws. It was looking at the Typhlosion quite intently.

"Hey Silver, be more careful this time!!"

"Yeah, you know what that Pokemon is capable of! Use the power against it!!"

"Hmm...okay...." whispered Silver. "Aqua Ring!"

Vaporeon mewed softly while water rings formed around Vaporeon. They circled around it and then they were absorbed by Vaporeon's body. Vaporeon then glowed blue for a split second and the light dissapated. The trainer smiled again.

"Rollout Typhlosion!!" yelled the trainer.

Typhlosion quickly rolled into a ball and sped towards Vaporeon. A depressed pathway appeared behind Typhlosion as it whizzed across the battlefield.

"Move fast!" yelled Silver

Vaporeon jumped up and rushed to it's right to dodge the attack. But the trainer immediately responded.

"Switch it up, Wild Bolt!"

Typhlosion flew up into the air and unfolded itself. It's body then relaxed and tightened a few times in quick succession. Electricity rippled across its body as it landed and started running towards Vaporeon at an incredible pace. Unfortunately, Typhlosion was very near to Vaporeon at this point.

"Did that trainer use Rollout to get closer?" asked Soul

"Yeah, I think so. It didn't seem like he wanted to do any real damage with that move, but now he for sure is. It looks like an Electric-type move"

Based upon instinct, Vaporeon tried to jump out of the way of Typhlosion, but Vaporeon was too close and too slow. Typhlosion slammed into Vaporeon, sending a ripple of electricity through Vaporeon's body. Typhlosion kept running past Vaporeon for about 15 feet and slowed to a stop. It's body shuddered and another wave of electricity rippled through its body as it shuddered and huffed once. In the meantime, after the electricity flew through Vaporeon's body, a small explosion occurred. Vaporeon then fell over and was just as limp and fainted as Croconaw was.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:37 am

Silver once again stood there staring at Vaporeon. A few seconds went by before Silver's demeanor changed. It turned into one of desperation.

"Go Beedrill!!" yelled Silver.

Beedrill came out of it's Pokeball. It was hovering from side to side as it's wings buzzed furiously.

"Pin Missile!!" yelled Silver.

"Fire Spin" responded the trainer smoothly and calmly.

Beedrill flung it's spiked arms in the direction of Typhlosion and let loose a stream of glowing needles. On the other end, Typhlosion landed on all fours and reared it's head back slightly. Then it let loose a spiral stream of fire. The two attacks collided. However, the Pin Missile attack seemed to evaporate as it came in contact with the Fire Spin. It then overcame Beedrill's attack and came in contact with Beedrill itself, completely enveloping it. Beedrill attempted to fly around, but the fire continued to swirl around Beedrill before it fell from the sky in a firey heap.

As the fire slowly dissapated, it was obvious what the result of this collision was. Beedrill had also fainted.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:19 pm

"Gaah, go Haunter, let's go!!" shouted Silve

Haunter flew out of its Pokeball. It turned towards Silver with a quizzical look on its face. It then turned towards the Typhlosion and lolled out its tongue.

"A Haunter? That's really neat. This should also be a great bout"

"Shadow Ball!" yelled Silver without hesitation

Haunter brought its hands together and a dark purple ball of energy formed in between them. It then brought its hands forward and shot it at the Typhlosion. Without a command, the Volcano Pokemon jumped to the site to dodge the attack.

"Flamethrower!!" yelled the trainer

Typhlosion reared its head again and let loose a torrent of flame and heat. It was propelled at an exceptional speed towards Haunter. Haunter did not wait for a command from Silver and floated above the direction of the Flamethrower and launched another Shadow Ball. It struck Typhlosion in the face with a small explosion.

"Yeah Haunter! Woohoo!!" cheered Silver

"Wow, Haunter's pretty independent...."

"Yeah, it sure is. But is that good or bad? Im not sure..."

"Well definitely have to talk to Silver about it....we dont want another Froslass and Haunter confrontation again.."

They looked back at the battle. Typhlosion didnt seem to be phased by Haunter's attack. The two Pokemon stared at each other intently.

"Shadow ball again Haunter! Let's hit em hard and fast!"

Haunter smiled but did not do what Silver commanded. Instead one of it's hands glowed dark purple and semi-transparent. The hand then clenched into a fist and was thrust across the field at a blinding speed and hit Typhlosion in the side. It still did not seem to do much. Typhlosion only winced slightly, but it did not fall down or budge from its position.

"Huh, Shadow Punch, interesting. Okay Typhlosion, lets end this one. Extrasensory!!"

"Huh??" said Erik, Silver, and Soul in unison.

Typhlosion's eyes glowed bright pink as the air infront of Typhlosion shimmered. Then shockwave of a glossy multi-colored energy shot across the battlefield. It seemed to be more of a sheet, rather than a centralized bolt of energy. Haunter's eyes bulged as it tried to escape quickly, but to no avail. The energy engulfed Haunter. Haunter twitched and spasmed as the energy seem to converge and condense around Haunter. Then it dissapated as Haunter fell to the ground. It lay still on the ground, signaling another fallen.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:00 am

"There goes another one...." said Soul sadly

"Yeah...this trainer is really good. That typhlosion is also super tough. It doesnt even seem to be tired...man..." sighed Erik in reply.

Silver was looking towards the ground.

"[i]I need to defeat 6 of his Pokemon when I only have one...plus Ledian has a disadvantage against Typhlosion...hopefully we can do some damage...."

He raised Haunter's Pokeball and returned the Ghost Pokemon.

"Come on Ledian! Let's turn this around!!" he yelled half-heartedly.

Ledian punched the air a few times in quick succession.

"Typhlosion, return!!" said the trainer, holding out a Pokeball.

"Huh?" the trio said in near unison.

Typhlosion materialized into its Pokeball as the trainer pocketed it and pulled out another.

"Go Heracross!"

Across the field from Silver, a blue beetle-like Pokemon appeared. It looked about the same height as Ledian, if not slightly taller. It also was quite stocky. Along with a bright shining blue shell, the most prominent feature was a large horn that protruded from the Pokemon's forehead. Silver proceeded to scan it with his PokeDex.

"Heracross, the Single Horn Pokemon. It is a dual Bug and Fighting type Pokemon. Atlhough usually quite docile, Heracross possess great strength and power. They are strong enough to hurl foes great distances."

"Huh...a bug and fighting type....he is similar to you Ledian! Let's show it who the true Bug Pokemon is!!"

Ledian turned around and punched the air with a fist in approval.

"I'll begin if you'd like?" called out the trainer.

"Sure! Let's do this!" said Silver with a renewed energy.

"Okay, let's use Tackle, Heracross!" yelled the trainer.

Heracross let out a small cry and then charged Ledian with it's horn facing forward.

"Yes! Supersonic Ledian, quick!!" yelled Silver

Ledian lurched forward and its wings vibrated quickly. Waves wooshed across the field and absorbed into Heracross' body. Heracross then stumbled and twirled around, evidently confused.

"Aah..." said the trainer

"Comet Punch!!"

Ledian lurched forward again as it's fists slightly glowed. Ledian then punched Heracross repeatedly. The forced of the punches launched Heracross back a couple of feet onto its back. However, Heracross finally managed to break its confusion.

"Aerial Ace!" cried the trainer

Heracross glowed slightly as it flipped into the air. White streaks of light surrounded its body as it flew towards Ledian.

"Ah run quick, get out of its way!" yelled Silver

Heracross was moving too fast and was too close as it slammed into Ledian's side. Ledian flew from the sky and slammed into the ground.

"Follow that up with Horn Attack!!"

Heracross cried out as it's horn glowed bright white. It's wings vibrated quickly as it flew towards Ledian, who was lying on the ground trying to get up.


Ledian's body glowed bright pink as a dome of dual pink-purple energy surrounded Ledian. Heracross slammed into the barrier but failed to break through.

"Let's get it while its distracted!! Comet Punch!" yelled Silver quickly

Ledian rose to its feet and rocketed itself towards Heracross, fists glowing.

"Bide!" responded the trainer

Heracross' body glowed bright white right before Ledian reached it. Ledian pummelled Heracross repeatedly but nothing seemed to happen to it. Then Heracross' body glowed brighter for a split second before an explosion of energy rippled from it. It slammed into Ledian and launched it high into the sky. Then Ledian slowed to a stop before it began to fall towards the ground. In a matter of a second or two, it slammed into the ground, fainted.
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PostSubject: Re: Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!   

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Interactive Story: The Path to Pokemon Master!
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